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National Care Awards 2023

The recent national care awards evening was not just an event; it was a celebration of remarkable individuals and organisations...


The recent national care awards evening was not just an event; it was a celebration of the remarkable individuals and organisations dedicated to enhancing the quality of care in our communities. As the largest sponsor, we at Staffscanner were privileged to witness the recognition of these outstanding contributions from some of the greatest care providers nationally.

The Heart of National Care

Care Providers from across the care sector gathered to honour their peers. Amongst them were the stars of the night – the nominees and winners of various categories. It was inspiring and touching to hear the stories, meet the people behind the organisations and the unwavering commitment and care they provide within the care sector. Every nominee deserves applause for their dedication, and the winners, such as Community Integrated Care & Okta for Business Initiative of the Year and Ben Line for Care Activities Co-ordinator/Facilitator of the Year, have set inspiring examples for us all.

Winners of the National Care Awards

Each winner represented the pinnacle of excellence in their respective fields. The awards, ranging from innovative business initiatives to exceptional care coordination, showcased the diverse ways in which care providers make a difference. We extend our warmest congratulations to all winners and appreciate their tireless efforts in improving care standards nationally.

Staffscanner’s Role as a Sponsor

In sponsoring the “Care Home Group (Large)” category, we were delighted to support an award that resonates with our mission – to enhance care delivery through efficient staffing solutions. Witnessing Aria Care win this award was a highlight of the evening, reflecting their commitment to providing quality care across their network.

A heartfelt congratulations from our executive team was given prior and online to all those named.

Embracing Celebration in Care

In the sector of care, technology is more than a mere tool—it’s a catalyst for meaningful connections. At Staffscanner, we embody this spirit by providing a cutting-edge digital platform, revolutionising how care homes connect with top-tier healthcare professionals. Our approach breaks down traditional barriers in the care industry like traditional agencies, demonstrating how technology can not only solve challenges but also celebrate the human element in caregiving.

The awards night was a testament to the exceptional work being done in the care sector. We were honored to be a part of this celebration and to witness the industry’s passion and commitment. It’s these qualities that drive us at Staffscanner to continue our work in supporting the care community through innovative solutions.

We invite you to see our highlights from the Scottish Care Awards.

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