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Whether you’re a Care Provider or a Healthcare Professional, Staffscanner puts you in control of your time.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Over 49,000 healthcare professionals are using our simple and easy-to-use app. Join them today.

Why choose Staffscanner?

Total Flexibility

Find shifts to suit you. As a Carer, Senior Carer, or Nurse, you will have access to thousands of shifts. 

Transparent Pay

Every job we post will have a clear pay rate. Secure and quick payments are made within 48 hours. 

24-Hour Support

You don’t work a 9-5 and neither do we. Get in contact with the Staffscanner team at any time.

Competitive Rates

We’ll work with you to set competitive rates, with no hidden surprises.
Receive useful notifications

Be the first to know when a shift is available

You will receive a notification as soon as there is a shift in your area

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Customise your profile

Put your best foot forward

Add your qualifications, training certificates, and work experience straight to your account for employers to see!

Access transparent payrates

See how much you’ll earn instantly

Every shift posted contains a clear salary so you know what you’ll be paid

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What people say about Staffscanner

Super Flexible
I absolutely love the flexibility. I currently have a really busy life and organising child care for regular hours can be difficult. However, by using Staffscanner I can work when suits me. The app is easy to use and the staff have been so helpful and friendly. Can’t recommend it enough!
First Class
Excellent agency, very straightforward when booking shifts, no messing around with timesheets and has excellent rates of pay.
Brilliant Company
Brilliant company, managed excellently by the Staffscanner team. Everyone is so helpful.
Great First Shift
Staffscanner are brilliant – very kind and supportive. They make you feel part of the team. I can’t wait for my next shift.