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Rising Stars in People: Staffscanner’s Founders Make the Elite Top 50!


We are thrilled to share some exciting news from the entrepreneurial world. Reza and Omid Najafian, the innovative minds behind Staffscanner, have achieved notable recognition by clinching the prestigious Rising Star in People Award. This accolade is part of The LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders programme for 2023, an initiative that highlights and celebrates the most promising leaders steering successful medium-sized ventures.

The award, established by LDC, part of the Lloyds Banking Group, and supported by The Times, underscores the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation among business leaders across the UK. This year, the competition reached new heights with an influx of exceptionally high-quality nominations, reflecting the shared tenacity and zeal prevalent across diverse industry sectors.

Staffscanner has made waves in the healthcare sector with its groundbreaking app designed to streamline the connection between healthcare professionals and local shifts. Their platform hosts an impressive community of over 38,000 healthcare experts and more than 2,000 care providers, collaboratively delivering over 17,000 hours of essential care weekly. This remarkable contribution has not only propelled them to the forefront of their industry but also earned them a spot among the UK’s elite business influencers.

"We’re big believers in investing in people and we don’t do anything for short-term gain. We’re looking at 30 years, not three years, down the line.”
Omid Najafian
Founder, Staffscanner

The commendation of Reza and Omid Najafian is a testament to their forward-thinking approach, prioritising inclusivity, and significant contributions to charitable causes. “Their dedication transcends conventional business goals, focusing on creating profound societal impacts. By harnessing technology to address the urgent needs in the healthcare sector, they’re not just driving a successful venture but are also shaping a community of skilled professionals dedicated to changing lives,” remarked Ryan Jenkins, Marketing Manager, Staffscanner.

The gala event, held at BAFTA, saw a gathering of the crème de la crème of the business world. The rigorous adjudication session was steered by an esteemed panel, including high-profile names such as Carl Castledine, Janette Martin, and LDC’s Managing Partner, John Garner.

John Garner voiced his admiration for the duo’s efforts, noting, “In a sector that critically needs support, Reza and Omid are spearheading a venture poised for substantial impact. Their standout commitment to diversity, inclusion, and charitable endeavours underscores why they are the deserving recipients of this award.”

The achievements of Reza and Omid Najafian are a rallying cry for aspiring entrepreneurs and established business leaders alike, epitomising how innovative solutions coupled with a humanitarian approach can forge a path to success and societal advancement.

For more insights into the inspirational journeys of the UK’s most ambitious business leaders, including the trailblazing founders of Staffscanner, visit the LDC Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders programme’s official page: https://bit.ly/3S1QQF3

As we celebrate these accomplishments, we’re reminded of the power of innovation, leadership, and social responsibility in sculpting the business landscapes of tomorrow. Here’s to the individuals and teams driving change, growth, and making a difference in the world of healthcare.

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