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Forging New Frontiers in Public Sector Procurement

Staffscanner marked a significant milestone by attending one of the year’s most dynamic events: Procurex 2023.

This prestigious event is a lighthouse for public sector procurement in Scotland, directing the spotlight on an industry whose main talking point is recruitment and staffing, with a staggering annual worth of more than £14.5 billion.

Procurex Scotland isn’t just an event; it’s a confluence of visionaries. It aims to bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers, knitting a network that spans across Scotland’s public procurement landscape. This year, the event opened its doors to an extraordinary opportunity for learning, networking, and collaboration, all while showcasing cutting-edge products and services that are set to redefine the future of this sector.

It’s a unique event that enables all stakeholders to learn about the latest developments shaping the future of this area – featuring extensive skills development, networking, collaboration and product showcase opportunities for public sector buyers and private sector organisations alike.

From left to right: Ryan Jenkins, Marketing Manager. Paula Lickrish, Head of Operations, Scotland. Gurpreet Randhawa, NHS Project Lead. Craig Maxwell, NHS Team Lead

As newcomers to this illustrious event, Staffscanner’s participation was not just about attendance but about making a statement. Our commitment to supplying top-tier Nurses is unwavering, and Procurex offered us the perfect stage to echo this sentiment. Our presence was a testament to our dedication to enhancing the public procurement sector, especially in areas where compassionate and professional care is paramount.

"Procurex 2023 marked a pivotal moment for Staffscanner. Our innovative approach in bridging top-tier nursing talent with healthcare providers in the Public Sector was met with incredible resonance. This is just the beginning; we're set to redefine public sector procurement with our commitment to excellence and innovation."
Ryan Jenkins Staffscanner
Ryan Jenkins
Marketing Manager, Staffscanner

What sets Staffscanner apart is our innovative approach to connecting local authorities, care homes, and other care providers with highly qualified and experienced Nurses, Carers, and Senior Carers across the country. Our technology-driven solutions streamline this process, ensuring that healthcare institutions have access to the best talent without the traditional hassle.

The highlight of our Procurex journey was undoubtedly the opportunity to underscore our recent success: a fruitful tender with the NHS. This achievement is a feather in our cap, marking us as an accredited and trusted supplier for the NHS boards. At the event, we didn’t just attend; we celebrated this momentous victory and showcased our capability to bolster any staffing requirement with unmatched proficiency.

Procurex 2023 was a landmark event for Staffscanner, paving the way into a realm of many possibilities. As we look back on the event, our experiences, the connections we had made and the prospects that lay ahead undoubtedly were worth their weight in gold.

To all the stakeholders, collaborators, and visionaries we met at Procurex 2023, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your insights and engagements have not only enriched our experience but have also sown the seeds for a future where public procurement is synonymous with excellence and efficiency, all thanks to the synergies created at this phenomenal event.

Stand procurement courtesy of Service Graphics 

Discover more about Staffscanner and our innovative approach to public sector staffing by reaching out to our team. Let’s shape the future of public procurement together!

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