Manage your care home on web and mobile

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Manage shifts & locations from your desk with our comprehensive web app

  • View interactive graphs to visually keep track of how many shifts you’ve covered, which kinds of workers you need most and how many hours in total have been filled
  • Export key info to Excel quickly & easily to consolidate information for your files and personal records

Manage your care home on the go with the Staffscanner mobile app

  • Get access to quick overviews of shifts on a clearly laid out personal dashboard
  • Receive a notification every time a candidate applies or is automatically assigned to your shift
Flexible rates
Set your own rates on a location by location basis
How much you spend on a Nurse, Carer or Senior Carer shift is entirely in your control
Cover difficult shifts
Trouble covering a shift? Boost it!
Each shift can be boosted once to be pushed to the top of our staff’s feeds
Useful dashboards
Keep track of your care homes with interactive graphs
Easily check how many hours and shifts you have covered on a location-by-location basis

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